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Moirar Leveille

Moirar is a transformational Speaker and a two times best selling author of
– Mind Your life, One Day at a Time- It is all within you (Click here to grab your copy)
– Mind your Health or Mind your death- Choose Your path (Click here to grab your copy)

As a Licensed Mental Health in the state of Massachusetts, Moirar uses 5 languages to offers you a one stop shopping for the mind, body and soul. By integrating Mental Health Counseling, Life and wellness coaching, functional medicine and neurolinguistic programing she gets you the result you need in the shortest time possible.

Moirar takes a functional medicine approach to solving health problems. By working holistically and focusing on nutritional balance, coaching, managing stress, anxiety and trauma that are often at the root cause of most diseases. She helps clients either avoid or reduce the need for medications overall.

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